Meet Jesse

I have a lifelong passion for helping others and over twenty years of experience in the mental health field, as a therapist, clinical trainer, and supervisor of therapists. These experiences have assisted me in understanding and walking with others towards their goals. I believe healthy therapeutic relationships provide the foundation, safety, and strength to address life challenges.

My educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and a Master’s degree in Community Counseling and am a Licensed Professional Counselor in Colorado since 2004. I have professional experience in many venues and have served all ages and backgrounds. I specialize in treating children, youth and their families in the areas of depression, anxiety, ADHD, and trauma. In addition to children and youth, I am very comfortable working with adults of all ages and have treated a wide range of issues, symptoms, and diagnoses.

Previously, I provided care as a Child and Family Therapist at Arapahoe/Douglas Mental Health Network, Project PAVE, and Denver Children’s Advocacy Center where I was the Director of Assessment and Treatment. It was during that time that I became highly specialized in trauma treatment. I have been privileged to assist others in unlocking where they have become stuck or are suffering. I have a strong appreciation for family therapy and routinely involve those important to the client when providing care.

Part of being a helping person is modeling good care of oneself and I have a variety of hobbies and interests that create happiness for me in my daily living. I am an avid cook and love all things food related. I love the outdoors and stay active by walking, hiking, biking, camping, gardening, skiing and traveling domestically and abroad. I have a loving compassionate wife and have close relationships with my family. We live in Denver and appreciate all that Colorado offers in natural beauty and recreation.

WOW! What can I say about Jeff… he is absolutely amazing!

I love his style of therapy and tells it like it is. There is no skirting issues or beating around the bush. Sometimes it’s very hard to hear and extremely difficult to deal with, but he genuinely cares about his clients which makes the truth a bit easier to swallow.

My husband and I have been seeing Jeff for a few years now. He has gotten us through some pretty difficult times and taught us how to love each other unconditionally. He has helped guide us on the right path that will make for a “forever marriage”, something you rarely see these days. I am truly thankful to have Jeff Caster in our lives, he’s just awesome!

Lisa and Mike

I started working with Dr. Caster many years ago in an attempt to understand my role in a few difficult family relationships. Dr. Caster is absolutely amazing to work and has helped me get to the bottom of “what is really going on”. He won’t BS you and will tell you how it is… but he does this with great tact and compassion.


I have been working with Dr. Caster for 3 years and have been very pleased with my progress. He has been very responsive to addressing the issues that are important to me while helping me recognize and address other issues as well.

His insight has been instrumental in allowing me to progress on issues concerning communication in my personal and business life. He is a very caring and open person and has made it easy for me to feel comfortable when addressing sensitive issues.


Dr. Caster works with me to create an emotionally safe space built on respect and genuine empathy for my struggles. I continually marvel at the unconditional positive support Dr. Caster offers while, at the same time, providing honest, straightforward guidance. This unique ability sets Dr. Caster apart from his peers.

Working with Dr. Caster gives me the support, confidence, and strategies I need to lead a more fulfilling life. As a result of the work I do with Dr. Caster, my relationships are stronger, and I have clearer sense of how to positively intervene when life poses challenges.


I have been working with Dr. Caster for nearly 3 years. I cannot express how thankful I am to have been referred to him through our pediatrician. Dr. Caster has helped me through difficult times of loss and transitions in my life. He has pushed me to realize my goals and formulate a plan to work towards them.

Dr. Caster challenges me to become the person I desire to be; in all areas of my life – as a mother, wife, daughter and physician. I recommend Dr. Caster without hesitation to my friends, family and my patients.


Dr. Caster creates an open environment where suddenly the session feels more like a conversation among equals or even friends than a cold and distanced session between doctor and patient.
Dr. Caster makes progress much more tangible and feel more realistic and he genuinely cares about his work and his patients.

Dr. Caster has helped me turn my life around 360 degrees. He has helped me become someone that I can feel proud to be and helped me to see potential where I would have never even dreamed it would be.

He is hands down the best therapist and best all-around person I’ve had the pleasure to work with. I love his style, his demeanor and find myself looking forward to and counting down the days until our next session.


Dr. Caster is the consummate professional. Love his authenticity and his dedication to his clients. Implementing strategies each step of the way — from daily routines to cultivating consistency.

His support has been instrumental in guiding me and my seven year old son. Beyond grateful for his expertise, wisdom and commitment to our family.


Jeff is the ultimate professional. He is able to dig deep to help create insight and reveal what is below the conscious thought. At the same time, he provides an atmosphere of energy, possibility, and fun. His style is honest and direct and his goal is to help you get unstuck and move forward.


Trustworthy, dependable, caring, nonjudgmental and hardworking: Dr. Jeff Caster.

I have been a client of Jeff’s for a few years and during this time, he has successfully helped me work through some very rough times and come to terms with unpleasant past experiences. He gently asks the tough questions other therapists might be afraid to ask, guiding me towards my own truths and understandings while always “having my back.”

I have always felt supported and cared for on my journey and have achieved tremendous personal growth with Jeff’s help. I rate Jeff “The Best of the Best” and highly recommend his services to others looking to work hard, tackle their issues and grow towards living a fuller life.


Jeff has been so incredibly helpful in walking my husband and I through the steps of not only healing our extended family relations, but also offering advice and instruction on how to repair our relationship with both of our daughters.

Jeff’s intuitive skills are able to detect issues within our own marriage and offer advice as to how to get that “magic” back into our own relationship.

What I like most about Jeff is that his style of therapy is very interactive. He just doesn’t sit you down and listen incessantly to a story without getting involved in the conversation. He has helped us immensely in reaching our therapeutic goals and, at this point, I feel that my husband and I have a much better marriage and family unity because of our ongoing sessions with him.

Maureen and Tim