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Dr. Jeff Caster & Associates

Empathetic, Caring Therapy & Counseling in South Denver

“Our Mission is to provide Positive Emotional Support and Practical Tools for Long-term Mental Health and Ongoing Happiness, in a Completely Safe and Respectful Therapeutic Environment.”

Work With Us – Therapeutic Services & Counseling

There may be no relationship in your life that is more personal than the one you have with your therapist. Knowing this – our goal is to create a safe and emotionally supportive environment that will allow you to self-reflect and nurture yourself.

We will help guide you to a better understanding of your Self, in a way that is genuine and welcoming. We will provide excellent mental health care for you or your family at any point in your life that you need.

We offer individual therapy, family therapy, and couples therapy.

Who We Serve – When You’re Ready to Rediscover Your Self

We serve clients that are invested in committing time and resources to better understand themselves, and to discovering the best way to live a happy and successful life.

We work with clients who aren’t afraid ask the hard questions; to dive into the complexity of their lives; to examine belief systems and the reasons they exist, and persist; to seek new answers and positive behaviors that reinforce their values and goals; who are willing to laugh at themselves, yet feel safe enough to cry when they realize the impact of their experiences.

We will work together to better understand your past, and look forward with clearer insight for your ongoing life. It is a relationship that develops over time, and often persists over many years. Like you, we are in it “for the long haul”, ready and willing to offer our support whenever we are needed.

What We Do – Real-world Therapeutic Support

We help you by creating a guided experience, grounded in real-world experiences and actions, to understand the hurdles that are holding you back. We do this by creating a warm and safe environment that helps you relax and just breathe.

It is so hard in our modern time to simply sit and talk about what is happening in our lives. If we are not running from one thing to the next, we are texting or surfing the internet. This is not a way of life that encourages self-reflection. Rather, it creates a feeling of chaos that stirs us up and keeps us from finding quietness.

Life today is so busy, we want you to come into our office for some solitude and time to reflect.

Our goal is to be a guide to help you slow down and think. By asking questions, we not only help you explore your strengths, we also help you understand what is getting in the way of you finding consistent traction in your life.

From limiting beliefs to negative behaviors, from harmful relationships to self-image issues, we will help you explore the thoughts and feelings surrounding these areas of your life. We will then help you discover alternatives to the ways you think and feel about them – and yourself – leading to more positive beliefs, feelings, and actions.

Our clients often say they feel like we are chatting in a living room when they are in our office. That is the greatest compliment we can receive, because that makes us know they feel safe and secure when working with us.

We have therapists that specialize in Anxiety, Depression, Marital Therapy, Communication Challenges, Anger Challenges, Family Therapy, Grief and Loss, and other mental health challenges.

Let’s Get Started – Moving Forward Begins NOW!

We invite you to set up an appointment with any of our associates to see if we would be a good fit for you.
We’ll get started by understanding your experiences and how they impact your life currently. It is always exciting to know change can happen – and that you will be fully supported and respected during the process.